3D audio problem

Hi, it’s my first time trying to use 3D audio. There is a problem with the sound. It’s like DJ’s Scratching. Is this a bug or am I doing something wrong somewhere? Any idea?

note: I am using 16 bit mono wav for audio. I attached the Audio Listener to the camera. Audio Source settings are in defaut.

This sounds like a bug, feel free to report it here: https://github.com/FlaxEngine/FlaxEngine/issues (and attach that sound to make it easier to fix).

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Hello again, We talked about the sound issue caused by high camera speed on Github.

Would you consider adding a separate option (beside doppler) to the engine to prevent distortions caused by high speed? Unfortunately, changing the doppler setting doesn’t help.

I can confirm this audio issue. It occurs for me even without the doppler effect.

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@mafiesto4 Would you mind giving a brief example or explanation on how audio listeners are supposed to be set up? Nothing I do fixes the audio popping/modulating/pitch shifting. It’s almost as if the audio is too sensitive to speed, like the doppler stuff is at the wrong metric scale or something.

Sorry for the late reply. Audio Listner should be placed where player’s ears are so in most cases right at Camera actor.

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