A few feature suggests

Sometimes I meet initialization logs like:

[Warning] Unable to find scripting object with ID=04e1c35440a663c7d479358e1bd29f70. Required type FlaxEngine.GPUTexture.

It would be nice to utilize ‘find content’ functions in other locations in editor at the log window message line, or search location of reference by object ID at somewhere(like scene or content panel).

Secondly, Unity has a small helper function that focusing the object to the center of editor viewport when double-clicked in scene hierarchy, but as far as I tried Flax editor does not have that kind of feature. There is a search bar above hierarchy tree, but it would be glad to able to search ‘inside the 3d scene space’ the actor selected also.

You can press F to focus an object in the editor view! Also I am working a bit on a PR to add an asset reference locator for those warnings with missing asset references that don’t tell you what is trying to reference the asset.

Wow, thanks!

Yes I went through the same situation :slight_smile: , thought I still believe it will be nice to have a double-click to jump also to the object as the F button