About .flax files

I see many content files converted into .flax extension files.

It seems like proprietary binary format, but I couldn’t find related code accessing .flax inside engine source.

Is someone know what the format is, and how to conv/restore .flax files?

Hi there,
First of all I too am new to Flax (moving from Unity) , so I will tell you what I know from using Flax for several weeks.

  • .flax file is like .uasset in Unreal engine
    most of the files imported to Flax will be converted into this binary file. Although the contents might be different from each other
    e,g : 3D Models, Textures, Materials , etc will all have .flax extension

  • conv/restore .flax file
    when you import a file (FBX, jpg, png for example) into Flax, it will converted into .flax file
    If you need to load the .flax file from path (just like Resources.Load() in Unity) ,
    I think you need to call “Content.Load()” , this is from the Script Reference :
    Class Content | Flax Documentation

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Reading .flax file is available by template of its internal asset type :

var myAsset = Content.Load<RawDataAsset>(Path.Combine(Globals.ProjectContentFolder, "MyData.flax"));

But still can’t figure out whether it is possible to extract which inside .flax file or not…
Maybe one-way packing?