Access meshes from imported model


at first, congrats to the creators for the release of the engine. So far, I love it.

But back to my question:
How can I access the different meshes of an imported model? Or can I create multiple actors for each mesh? I have a car model, that has separate meshes for the body and the wheels. .


In Flax, the imported model has a list of material slots and LODs entries, each LOD entry has a list of meshes. When assigned to the StaticModel actor it simply rendering it as a whole (different than for instance Unity does). More info here:

StaticModel actor API:

Model asset API:

Thanks for the quick answer :slight_smile:

I think, I understand the LOD mechanism. So, there is currently no way to create actors for the different meshes of a model to split the parts?

No, but you can hide certain meshes via ModelInstanceEntry.Visible property.