AI-assisted scripting

Flax Engine shows great promise, and it has many advantages over Unity. Especially due to the new controversial license plans applied retrospectively, hurting many indie developers and eroding trust in the platform.

The main disadvantages with Flax over Unity so far in my opinion is the much smaller developer community. And with this, a lack of directly compatible assets and existing code.

This in turn means that the LLMs doesn’t know Flax well, and any attempt to automate code generation often results in incompatible code, in my experience the LLMs will often mix Unity code in there for example.

I find AI-assisted coding to be a crucial component for effective modern development these days. It might be worth looking into GPTs with fine tuned Flax code assistants? Or is there anything like this already?

LLM is not a silver bullet (yet), and even in Unity AI-suggested code is very general and often misleads the purpose of code. Only ‘any tool users might do that’ level of codes are reliable as a logic script, and beyond that LLM’s suggests are much like pseudocodes giving hints.

AI codes for Unity is relatively better only because the sample codes are too much abundant.

We need much more ‘good Flax example codes’ to train LLMs to output codes just for Flax, before then it is meaningless to say ‘have no knowledges but make a box making knowledges’.
And it will take much longer to return the exact Flax API name better than search button in document page.

One more thing, you would better ask for a plain C# code to the AI rather than asking for a specific code for a certain engine.