Animation Retargeting?

I was wondering if animation retargeting is on the radar for implementation? I don’t see it on Trello, but I can hope :slight_smile:

Right now, you can play any animation with any skeleton -> it will animate bones that have matching names. So even if skinned model skeleton is a little different (eg. doesn’t have a few bones) it still can play - great way to reuse animations for multiple characters in a game.

The more robust utility for retargeting animation to match different skeleton dimensions (eg. use animation from small player on a larger enemy skeleton) is not implemented. We have skeleton retargeting on an Animation roadmap to be used for this purpose.

Thanks. I have very similar models but the bone naming is completely different. I’m quite interested in the approach you intend to take. I don’t know, performance wise, Unity’s approach is, but their approach is well suited to small teams.

Animation retargeting has been implemented on 1.6 branch and will come out with Flax 1.6.
Docs: FlaxDocs/ at 1.6 · FlaxEngine/FlaxDocs · GitHub


Man, that was FAST! I cloned the repo and installed VS 2022 just so I could try this! Two things that I haven’t sorted out yet is how to get the editor to auto guess the mappings (up until now, I’ve had to map each bone individually) and how to align the bone rotations. That said, I love the implementation.

Thank you for implementing this so quickly.

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