AnimGraph : how to edit State transition

I am currently making animation state machines, following the docs :

If I am not misintepreting the docs, I should be able to click at the “transition line”
to edit it, or right-click it to delete it.
But when I click (left,middle, right) at this line, nothing happens.

Am I doing things wrong? Or is this a bug?

Flax version : 1.6.6344

The line should be highlighted with a little tint color and the left-click allows you to edit transition properties.

The line is not highlighted at all even when my mouse cursor is hovering above it.
I think that is why nothing happens when I click on it

jin_AnimGraph 2023-10-13 16-52-30

As you can see, I can drag the state box but nothing happens when I click at the line.
In the vid above, I am constantly left -clicking when my cursor is hovering above the line

I understand now,

The transition line is only clickable when it is “State to State”
In my case above, I was clicking at the line from “Entry to State”