AnimGraph : switch condition to different state

I am trying to replicate this StateMachine from Unity

Where :

  • I want to switch animation between Idle0~Idle3 , based on parameter value
  • In Unity it is possible for a Entry State to have MULTIPLE transitions,
    and for each transition we add a condition rule, in above case those lines from Entry to each Idle state has a condition of the same parameter “idleValue (integer)”
    idleValue =0, we go to animation Idle0, idleValue=1 go to animation Idle1, and so on

In Flax however, Entry can only have ONE SINGLE Transition line.
So can anyone please tell me, how to have a condition where we play different state on entry
or simply how to recreate the states above in Flax?


You can make a utility state to redirect transitions after Entry state within the same update frame on start.

I see, thanks for your direction.
For anyone dealing with the same problem, this is how I get it to work

The “Dummy” state is actually empty and has no animation attached to it, then make multiple transitions rule from “Dummy” state to desired states