Apply same animation graph on different skinned models

hi sir,
I download some 3D model and animations from mixamo.
I found that if the animation graph is different from the animation I applied on , the animation would not work.
Actually, all the bone hierarchy from mixamo are the same and the animation should be able to apply on all of the model.
How do I set the animation graph so even when the models are different form the base model of the animation graph, it can still play?

by the way, I think there should be an animation or model topic in this forum.

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+1 on this.

Flax engine does not have skeleton retargeting. If you want to use the same animation graph your skinned meshes will have to have the exact same skeleton. Then you can change out the skinned mesh and the animations will work. I did this in a recent small game I made where I change out the cat model but they use the same animation graph. I dont think I did anything special besides import it as an animation and then drag it into the animation graph.

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Thanks for the reply. Up until this point, I was really enjoying learning the engine. Unfortunately, this is a show-stopper for me because my skinned meshes come from places like Sketchfab, CGTrader and TurboSquid. They are all humanoid, but the skeletons are all different. Well, it was fun while it lasted. Thank you for all of the help that you have given me over the past few days.

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Sorry to hear that :frowning: I’ll bump Animations Retargetting task up o an roadmap so we get this quicker.

That would be awesome. I find that Flax has, with the exception of Animation Retargeting, already passed Unity. In that regard, Flax is more like UE, where the tools are built-in, rather than having to purchase them from the Asset Store. Because I don’t know enough about .NET, I find it hard to get excited about .NET 7. Destruction, Cloth and Animation Retargeting, however, would really be helpful. I still think that Flax is an awesome engine, and I will be keeping a close eye on it.

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Continuing the discussion from Apply same animation graph on different skinned models:

I am removing skeleton and adding Mixamo rig on my soldier and terrorist models. And same animator can’t use more than 2 skinned model. Yes, I miss these kinds of features in Flax a lot.
So I have to do these works manually.
Flax sounds incomplete yet. It still needs improvements to compete with the giant Unity. I mostly miss:

  • Animation retargetting
  • Prefab instances
  • Chinemachine
  • Good shader graph (Specially - More control over noises, get and set any vector or float)
  • Parent constaint component
  • Good control on branding (Original color background set, icon splash screens etc.)
  • Rich audio (Control of lowpass, highpass, audio priority etc.)
  • Terrain brushes by alpha textures.
  • Trails
  • Vast asset store
    I am still using it because I am confident that I can work upon the problems.
    Where Unity can’t give me:
  • Auto-LOD built-in
  • high end support on low-end devices
  • Dual core usage without coding
  • URP, HDRP materials painful concertation and
  • All the gamers’ well-known Unity splash screen
    I will use engines upon my own needs. Everybody should, not all people have same opinions, so yeah…
    Flax will one day do these all I guess, it’s just to early for them to be under competition.
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Flax shader graph has some noise utility and flax also has a splash screen

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@Uosci @DevXtreme @Dijon @gino0717 @mafiesto4
FlaxEngine not force (splash screen), but is enabled in default:

I don’t know what happened with your shadow, but try it:

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Animation retargeting has been implemented on 1.6 branch and will come out with Flax 1.6.
Docs: FlaxDocs/ at 1.6 · FlaxEngine/FlaxDocs · GitHub