Autocomplete in vs and vscode


I was using vscode, but I can’t get the autocomplete to work. So I decided to install VisualStudio, in the flax documentation it states that version 2022 is supported, so I decided to install that same one.

But when installing the flax plugin it gives me an error and looking at the log, I see these lines:

27/03/2022 22:44:27 - Productos admitidos :
27/03/2022 22:44:27 - Microsoft.VisualStudio.Community
27/03/2022 22:44:27 - Version : [15.0,17.0)
27/03/2022 22:44:27 - ProductArchitecture : x86

Is version 2022 really compatible?

Any tips to turn on autocomplete in vscode? I would prefer to use it, as it is much lighter, although I have no experience with it, I have used it very little.

All the best

You could try another code editor like rider, although visual studio has been updated version 2019 is still very much compatible with flax engine. I still use version 2019. As for the autocomplete problem i think google will be your best friend :innocent: