Availability of MacOS officially signed package? Apple Silicon version for M1/M2?

Hi. This is my first post.

I’m a hobbyist game dev (but would like to try make some extra income from it), and after messing about with loads of different engines, I finally settled on Godot the past year and have been making little 2D games. I love it, though recently have been wanting to move into that elusive extra dimension, but I find Godot’s 3D renderer somewhat underwhelming. I’ve been enticed by the likes of Unity and Unreal, but find them a bit OTT - bloated, resource hogs, overly commercial, and sooooo slooooooooow.

I discovered Flax via a GameFromScratch video on YouTube, and was impressed by what I saw. I’ve installed it on my gaming PC and I have to say I’m really really impressed at how snappy it is, how straightforward it is to use, and how beautiful its rendering looks. So I want to carry on using it.

However, I prefer to use my MacBook Air (2020, Apple M1) for development, mostly because of portability, but also because of noise and energy efficiency - especially with power bills being what they are here in the UK at the moment!

I’ve tried to install it following the instructions here and managed to sort of get it started, but after repeatedly having to bypass the un-signed executables for it and Mono, it locked up when trying to create a scene, and if I try to load a sample project it crashes, referring to a header file.

So, I’m wondering if the officially signed DMG package mentioned on that page is going to come anytime soon, and if it will be a Universal app, built to run on Intel and Apple Silicon?

I thought I’d ask to get it back on the radar, as nobody else has mentioned it. I’d love to see Flax grow and get a bigger audience and I think it might help, along with the Linux version too.

(apologies for rambling, I guess I’m quite excited about Flax!)

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Hey, thanks for bringing this topic up. Yeah we have short-term plan to provide better support for MacOS with signed binaries and more polish/improvements for Editor on Mac (eg. multi-screen setup has mouse input issues).

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Thanks for the response. I look forward to these updates. I’m trying again but if I can’t get it working I’ll stick with using it on my PC for now, and learning the engine via the documentation.