Base Male and Female characters

I am working on adding a base male and female. The models were made with make human community version 1.2.0 with only height adjustment. The Male is now 182.15cm tall and the female is 179.78cm over the standard male being 173.04cm and the female being 158.98cm.

Currently, the skin texture can be swapped out for other skin textures. Eye color can be changed. There is an issue with most of the eye colors alpha channel right now so you can only use 2 colors.

Grab the project from my dropbox upload.

Download the blender exported fbx file for the Male and the Female

Download the original make human files for Male and Female

Just know that I had to use the make human to blender plugin then export to the fbx file.
I got a rough mesh when I exported directly from make human.
Exporting from blender did not have issues with the mesh, but did have issues with the textures.

Here are some images of the project. Sorry the lighting has the models way overblown and super white.

Face and Eyes

Eye Color

Full mesh with view of bone tree.

Edit to add an image showing they are not so blownout and super white.
ScreenHunter_1150 Mar. 06 15.47

Use this project any way you wish. Make human community is a free tool, the models you make are free to use and fall under the CC0 (Creative Commons Zero) license. Check out their license page and give it a try.

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