Behavior Trees progress

Early view of upcoming Behavior Trees system coming to Flax in 1.7:

Roadmap task with scope and impl progress: Trello


This looks incredible! Thanks as always!

Upcoming Behavior Trees with node decorators that can provide conditional branching to the graph execution logic (eg. run action if AI has a gun or sees a player).


Behavior Trees with debugging tools to preview nodes’ state and behavior’s knowledge data (blackboard and goals). The engine will contain an in-built Move To node for path following but the whole Behavior Trees system is very extensible and allows users to create their own node types (game-specific or from plugins).



Sorry if this might bit out of topic, but i think this is relevant to AI/NPC behaviour system, is there any plan to add Enviroment Query probe system either automated bake and manual probe placement?

Yeah, initially I wanted to add concept of Sensors - for hearing sensor, vision sensor, environment sensors (eg. for env queries), and gameplay sensors. So each sensor could be updated for certain behaviors and store some sensor data (eg. nearby enemies/players nearby) to be used by BT.
But now we’re focusing on improving Flax for newcomers from ex-Unity and helping growing community so I put this task on a roadmap: Trello (we will implement it sometime next year for sure)


Wow, this is looking great!