Building ANY platforms in compiled editor from source code

So I am trying to build my game from editor that I compiled from github sources, but it gives me that error:

And yes, I have compiled platform tools but how to link them to my engine build?

Could you post a complete log from that editor run?

Very buggy selection but i get this error secrions:
[ 00:00:07.314 ]: [Info] Loading editor options
[ 00:00:07.315 ]: [Error] Missing file ‘C:\Users/yup_c/AppData/Roaming/Flax/EditorOptions.json’
[ 00:00:07.315 ]: [Warning] Missing or invalid editor setting
[ 00:00:34.884 ]: [Warning] Win32::GetLastError() = 0x3
[ 00:00:39.817 ]: [Info] Thread ‘Game Cooker’ ID=0x3fdc started with priority Highest
[ 00:00:39.817 ]: [Info] Starting Game Cooker…
[ 00:00:39.817 ]: [Info] Platform: Windows x64, Configuration: Development, Options: 1
[ 00:00:39.817 ]: [Info] Output Path: G:\Flax Projects/YupTest/Output/Windows
[ 00:00:39.880 ]: [Error] Missing platform data tools for the target platform. Use Flax Launcher and download the required package.
[ 00:00:39.880 ]: [Error] Game building failed!

For Flax downloaded from Flax Launcher you can get a package for building for Windows:

For source build is might have missing files or sth - in that case building engine in Game.Windows|Win64 from Visual Studio might help.

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Ok that helped, thanks!