Building flax from src?

-and the end of the build, almost going to launch, I got error cannot load game ?
I’m in debug mode
-by the way is there any documentation like class diagrams or namespace classes, it’s painful since there are thousands of lines of code, but I’m hanging, struggling, and surviving.

last can we reduce the time of the build it took me about a half hour, can we exclude some files ?

End of the build from Visual Studio when compiling FlaxGame or when cooking game project into package? Cause for game built we have dedicated tool that builds all the stuff including assets and package for target platform: Game Cooker (

Regarding docs we have C# API reference:

Also, soon (within a month) there will be more docs dedicated to C++ scripting - including more engine APIs structure/diagrams. Thanks for the suggestion.

I guess you’ve probably need to build Editor configuration (eg. in Debug).

thanks it’s working now!