Bulit a spring arm for camera collisions. Plugin available!


I built a spring arm tool to use for preventing cameras from clipping into geometry. I implemented it using a sphere cast. It works really well, and even has editor gizmos.


I rewrote the spring arm as an Actor and packaged it into an open-source plugin. Here’s the repository:


A handy plugin man! Didn’t tried it in flax yet. But when I was used to use Unity or Unreal, this was essential for creating a TPS game! (In case of Unity it was chinemachine lol!)
I wonder, where did you learnt plugin creation man?

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Thanks! Plug-in creation in Flax is actually quite simple. The plugin creation process is almost the same as creating a game. The main difference is that the project that you create the plug-in in needs a few extra scripts and some project file editing.

I learned how to create the plug-in by reading the Flax docs and looking at their DLSS plug-in for reference:

I should also note that C++ is not a requirement when creating plugins. I just prefer to use it when creating plugins.

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