Can I spend 100$ to become a gold member?

can I spend 100$ to become a gold member? I need you to add special feature in the engine. these feature can also make your engine much more competitive.
such as
when import static or skeleton FBX, we can choose how many LOD(also for skeleton LOD) will be generated, impostor generated
mechanism to avoid repeating pattern of terrain texture.
GPU instanced skinned animation for rendering massive characters

forgot to say, can Flax generate the pathfinding info which I will use on server side.

Hmm, do you want to invest $100 to advertise your github pull request?

my meaning is:

  1. the author should be inspired by some money, although 500$ is so little
    2, I want my request be most prioritized among common Github request

My meaning was:

  1. There is no ‘gold member’ of open-sourced, private-maintained development engine
  2. Your intent is selfish and your request is rude to every other participants/engine users

If you really want to push your needs, do not say petty $100 for a buyout.
Why on earth do you think people use this engine instead of ‘featured’ engines like Unity or Unreal? Ignoring the inevitable objections of everyone else using the engine, if all you want is ‘features’, why not use another engine that is already feature-rich?
In your eyes, did this engine seem so small that you could control it for just $100?