Can not install Master(Daily) engine

Whenever I try to install Master(Daily) engine from Flax Launcher,
It always fail like this :

  • Open Flax Launcher > Add Engine > Master branch (daily)

  • “Downloading Editor” will start, but no progress (the bar will keep being black)

  • “Downloading Editor” bar will disappear, but nothing is downloaded or installed
    ( probably due to timeout? )

Has anyone encountered these problems? and how do you deal with this?

I had same issue time to time, but after a few trials Launcher managed to install the master version anyway.
But its editor does not launch showing instance error messagebox, so I can’t figure out it is installed fully.

I see,
I tried your advice, and keep installing whenever the progress bar dissapeared and eventually the master branch is installed.

So I guess “keep installing untill it’s installed and appears in the Launcher” is the correct method ?

Yeah the launcher’s master download is buggy. I’ve heard it’s an issue with github, but I’m not sure.