Can't bake lightmaps

Hi everyone, new here, just run into Flax last week and enjoying it very much!

First question:
I have the “Bake lightmaps” command greyed out in the Tool menu.
I set Graphics Settings > Post Processing > Global Illumination > Mode to None (but I also tried the other two, just in case).
What am I missing?

Could you post a screenshot? The only time I get that button grayed out is when the lightmaps are already baking.

We have some docs about lightmapping here: Lightmapping | Flax Documentation

Hi, thanks for answering!
Here’s the screenshot.
As you can see: I set Scene Static Flag to “Lightmap” and it recursively applied it to all the objects in the hierarchy (nice!).
The test room and the Suzanne head have their own Lightmap UV. The knight doesn’t have one (i get that skinned models can’t have one, right?). There’s also that Sphere in the right corner, a Basic Model grabbed from the Toolbox panel. I don’t know if these primitives come with a Lightmap UV.
Anyway, the editor didn’t warn me about missing UVs, so I guess it should bake anyway and apply the lightmaps wherever it can, so only on object that do have a LighmapUV, right?
Is there some other flag I should check out?

Hmm. Maybe create a new scene and see if you can bake lightmaps in it? I also see that you have the option to bake scene data still available. Maybe if you try that, it’ll bake the lightmaps.

As for the UVs, GI, etc., I can bake lightmaps without touching any of that, and it still works. I’m unable to reproduce your issue.

What you mean by this?

Above the Bake lightmaps button, there’s a button to bake scene data.

No luck.
Also another strange behaviour: I can’t see the SDF being generated (in the debug view the geometry is just the same as the original) even thou the size and filesize are reported.
I have a clue: something is wrong in my pc configuration, maybe graphics drivers not up-to-date? Notice thou that the requirements are fulfilled.
I think so because also the tech demo doesn’t work as expected, with no GI showing up while, as a proof, Flax is working fine on my pc at the office.

While I’m here asking: are there any recommendations for exporting geometry? File formats, vertex count, triangulation, non-manifold, etc…?