Can't Load Flax editor

Hello, I’m new to Flax engine and I installed the editor from via the launcher but it seems not to run but instead throws an error related to dx11.
I happen to be using a 4gb ram windows 10 64 bit PC but seem not to have windows SDK… Or does Flax require windows SDK to run?


What are your PC’s specs? (GPU, specifically) Could you please post your log.txt file?

To make sure you meet the minimum hardware and software requirements, read this page in the official Flax Engine documentation.

Well it actually says that a particular file is missing…

Could you send a screenshot of that message, please? We might be able to solve the issue.



Well before I saw your last message, I already went to Flax 1.0 and the screenshot above is the error it gave me…

Looks like an issue with DirectX. @mafiesto4 might be able to help you.

@Praise Could you attack log file from <project-folder>\Logs? What GPU do you have?

I couldn’t find any log.txt file and for the GPU…
The only drive on my PC is intel HD Graphics 9.17.44.
It says it’s dx 10.1 compatible so I thought it could work… Or doesn’t every PC have VRAM…