CharacterControllerPro Now in C++! New First-Person Demo!


CharacterControllerPro has received 2 major updates, along with a number of bugfixes and improvements. Let’s start with the first big improvement…


CharacterControllerPro has a completely new demo scene! It features a greater focus on CharacterControllerPro’s vertical movement features. The demo character is also complete with an animated model and an animation graph, which can be used to learn more on how you can work with CharacterControllerPro when using your own animated models. In addition to that, a first-person character is also included in the demo scene, to showcase how CharacterControllerPro can be used in a wide variety of player perspectives.

The other big new feature is that CharacterControllerPro is also now in C++! It took much less time to do than I originally thought it would. In addition to including the C# scripts, the CharacterControllerPro repository also comes with C++ scripts, which are fully documented and have complete feature-parity with their C# counterparts.

For those who are wondering about how the C++ experience is with Flax Engine, I can sum it up in 3 words: I loved it. I was pleasantly surprised and impressed at how streamlined the process of working with C++ is in Flax Engine. The compile times are on-par or sometimes even shorter than the C# ones! And I had almost no trouble porting the C# code over to C++. The API is almost identical. I love using C++ in Unreal Engine, so I have a feeling I’ll be using C++ in Flax Engine more now that I’ve tried it.

If you’d like to get CharacterControllerPro, check out the official GitHub repository. It contains the C# and C++ source code for CharacterControllerPro, in addition to a demo project. Thank you very much!


I must admit this is great work. Can I do a video on my youtube channel showcasing this?

Absolutely! Thank you!

Great work mate.
Thank for the share.

Thanks very much!

Oh, cool!
Looks like you guys use C++
What I am scared of! I will have to familiarize myself on C++ for my dream game dev jobs too. Looks like it is a very must option I may need.

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Hi there! I only use C++ because it’s what I prefer. :joy: Pretty much all of Flax’s scripting functionality is also available in C#. If C# is what you prefer, stick with that instead! The main benefit of using C++ is a slight performance gain over C#, but it should never be noticeable in 95% of games.

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Thanks for advice.
I find cool on what all you’re doing. So I decided to mention your abilities. Keep up these works.
Cheers! :love_you_gesture:

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