Configure Linux to export apk and aab

I published a game with the engine using linux mint. it works! Then I tried an apk but I get this message:
[Error] Build platform Android ARM64 is not supported.

How can I configure linux to do an apk and aab build. ?

You need to download and install Android Platform Tools (or build engine from Source). On Windows you can use Flax Launcher to do that. On Linux just download the latest package: and extract contents into Source/Platforms/Android inside the Editor install location) - just like for other platforms.

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@mafiesto4 - thank you very much. I will do that now.

I did what you said and got a new message:
Missing Android SDK. Cannot build for Android platform.
i already have android studio and android platform tools
How do I make Flax find them? are in the environment variable already -

Did you set the ANDROID_HOME environment variable?

Set ANDROID_HOME env var to SDK location (typically C:\Users\USERNAME\AppData\Local\Android\android-studio\sdk on Windows)

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Yes ! I’m on linux my environment variables are correct. I already used flutter to generate an apk and cordova and etc.

I can make an executable game for linux but when I try android it gives the message:
[Error] Build platform Android ARM64 is not supported.
I did what he @mafiesto4 said and he keeps giving the same message.
thanks for answering.

Right, it looks like there were some missing functionalities for building Android app on Linux (onlu Windows was fully supported).

I implemented Linux/Mac here:

It will be in the next hotfix update for 1.5 release soon (or you can grab daily build from GitHub Actions).

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Thanks I’ll try.