Confusing prefabs behavior

I’m testing how prefabs work in Flax and I have absolutely no idea how to work with them. When I create a prefab and place several instances in the scene and make adjustments to some parameters in one of the instances on the scene and want to apply those adjustments to the prefab, there is only the View changes button and the Apply All option. When I press it, everything changes in the prefab, including the positions and rotations of all instances on the scene. And all instances move to the same place on the scene.

I got a response to this on Discord. Thanks for the Flax community. Currently, the best way to work with Prefabs is only through the Prefab editor. It seems that the usability aspect of Prefabs still needs more work. Until this is fixed, Prefab parameters can be Applied all at once using the Prefab editor, and changes in the instances should be left without Applying to the Prefab.

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