Could be a deprecated document hint of (CustomPostFx on MainRenderTask)?

In PostProcessing manual page, there is a hint of adding a custom postprocess to MainRenderTask.


Override this class and implement custom post fx logic. Use MainRenderTask.Instance.CustomPostFx.Add(myPostFx) to attach your script to rendering or add script to camera actor.

But with source code using MainRenderTask.Instance.CustomPostFx.Add, I met following error log:

error CS1061: 'MainRenderTask' does not contain a definition for 'CustomPostFx' and no accessible extension method 'CustomPostFx' accepting a first argument of type 'MainRenderTask' could be found (are you missing a using directive or an assembly reference?)

I digged into github engine source, but even in source code comment suggests to use CustomPostFx.Add() method.

But actual engine assembly decompiled following function:

public void AddCustomPostFx(PostProcessEffect fx)
    Internal_AddCustomPostFx(__unmanagedPtr, Object.GetUnmanagedPtr(fx));

not CustomPostFx.Add().

Oh thanks for spotting this. I’ll update docs.