Deserialize Problem

Hi all, I can not open any scene (new or saved) from content window. When try to open scene it says " Can not load scene without game script modules. Check log…" and log error is
" Failed to deserialize scene f14af7bc44365b4230cf2986b05a791".
Please any help will be appreciated. Thanks

This happens occasionally to me, whenever I save a script while it is compiling. What I do is just create a new project and move all my assets and scripts over to it.

By the way, welcome to Flax Engine!

Thanks @Spectrix, I removed newly created script files and problem solved. Script contained errors. I am new to Flax. It is really a light weight and efficient game engine but it lacks of in game ads.
Thanks for your reply.

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Ah, it’s great that you found a solution!

Yeah, we’ve talked about ads in the past here. Although it’s an important mobile feature, the devs are definitely more focused on desktop and console features.