DLL Crashing Project

I have been trying to get DLLs working in a project but it seems after ‘Generate scripts project files’ the project breaks and gives this error. The only way to get the project working again is to remove the DLL include from Game.Build.cs as well as all the scripts that use the library as well as Logs,Binaries,Cache folders. Project was made on 1.6.

I tried the project on 1.7, but it simply opens the editor window and will not create any of the editors elements. The bottom says ‘Loading…’. This result also happened after deleting some of the temporary folders on 1.6.

I have tried taking the files from the DLL and putting in the project straight which seems to work without issue.

Crash Log: ================================================================ Sta - Pastebin.com
Dump: Minidump.dmp - Dysk Google
Project: ClientPrediction-Broken.zip - Dysk Google