Editor not working on 4k monitor

Hello all, im just getting started with flax and am having issues clicking objects in the scene editor. i have a 4k monitor and noticed the launcher fonts were messed up. upon starting the editor everything looks fine but it appears the mouse is somehow offset as i cant click on objects in my prefab scene or the wrong object will get selected, also i cant click on any of the gizmos or terrain paint.

I deleted my cache and binary folders and the issue is resolved! i can click things now.

spoke too soon. ok so deleting the cache folder fixes it, but after about a minute of clicking around the issue comes back, cant click anything until i close the editor and delete the cache folder.

Sometimes I meet similar cases, that mouse location goes shifted with floating editor panes. It seems reseted when pane window is docked into main window.

yeah, im not using any floating panes. only way to fix is delete the cache folder