Embed Flax into gui?

Hi everyone,
I would like to know if this is possible to embed Flax engine into a C++ or C# windows form application or other system like QT or other to make complex graphical user interface ?
I know Flax have his ui system but I’m not fimiliar with it, and I need multi windows system,Tab panel, sliders,treeview etc.

Flax can be compiled into dynamic library and used as tool to be embedded but we don’t have any example of it to help you.

If Flax can be compiled into a dynamic library this is a good news, I’ll try that because this is the best way to use it like a C++ sdk.
I really appreciate his render pipeline and I want to use this engine !
Thanks for this information :slight_smile:

Very good question, I would be interested also if that is easily feasible.