Engine Crashing during Game cooking

Flax Game Engine is crashing on building a game. :no_mouth:

Here is the log and dump file :-

Log File : Click Here.
Dump File : Click Here.

Here is the screenshot :-

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I checked the crash dump and log and unfortunately there is not enough information there to say what causes the crash. Maybe you could use Debug engine build and try cooking game again?
You can run it from here: F:\Flax Engine\Flax1.1\Binaries\Editor\Win64\Debug\FlaxEditor.exe

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Thanks for reply. I’ll try it.

:man_facepalming: It says one more error.

I think you can wait for the next 1.2 update coming soon later this month. We fixed maaany crashes and bugs, probably this one too.

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Okay! I’ll waiting. :grinning:

Hi, i am having exactly the same issue, is there any updates?, im using version 1.2

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Hello! First I want to say welcome to the Flax community. Now I want to inform, I was facing many bugs in Flax engine so I am switched back to the Unity Engine and I don’t know about any Updates or Bug fixes.

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Thanks and ok, and as a side note, and for anyone looking for this, as a workaround, cooking the game by cli does not crash, like:

FlaxEditor.exe -project "<project-path>" -headless -mute -null -std -build "Development.Windows 64bit"