Error when running the game "cannot load the game"

Error when running the game “cannot load the game” -
When exporting the game and trying to execute it, I only get this message: “cannot load the game”

I downloaded and extracted the Linux binary in “/source/platforms/linux”
Stay like this: “/source/platforms/linux/binary”
But it doesn’t work yet.
Nor did I find a binary download link to Android!
My folder is like this:
The Android folder is missing.

obs: I searched for the forum before posting. I found a person who had the same mistake, but it was a matter of permission to execute the “game.gen.cs”
But I already gave you permission to execute.

If anyone can help me please. Thanks

When updating for version 1.7.2 now it generates the executable and works.

Thank you very much for the 1.7.2 version

obs: I can’t edit to “resolved” in the title, can anyone do it for me?

You might can change the title, it is on separated edit box.

It does not appear here for me! it disappeared.