EULA Question/Clarification

I have been promoting this engine, as i feel it has great potential, but its met with great concern of the EULA…

Help me out guys…lol

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Thanks for spreading good words about Flax! Indeed, they went very deeply into Eula itself without looking deeper into the engine itself :smiley:


Xd lot of stuff they complain is also present in unitys eula and they are ok xd like class action lawsuit waiwing(which iam not sure is a thing that can be waived).
But one thing @mafiesto4 could reconsider is the destryoing of all copies and disttibution. This is perfectly ok for editor. But already released stuff should have exception to be able to still sell becauye even after termination the revenue share is still kept so there can’t be any losses
Other thing that might be interesting is protecting against flax engine to be bought by for example unity to remove competition by releasing 2 year old source code under gnu gpl license. This could also put mlre faith into contributors and also solve th edge case that flax might not be there in few momths/years