FAQ page needs a proofread

There are a few sentences missing words. I noticed particularity around the licensing section that I was reading closely.

I would also like to know more about the company. How many employees, and how you are backed. I would even like to see photos of the office. I’d like to know all about the Flax team!

We are considering building a business on Flax so we want know all about the team behind it!

It’s open source so different people contribute to it, but the founder and lead developer is @mafiesto4

Hey, thanks for your interest in Flax! I’m Wojciech Figat and I’m the owner of Flax. Together with a few other developers and many contributors, we’re building Flax for many years now. We’re working remotely so there is no office space, instead, we use our Discord to communicate and cooperate.
The project is backed by me, however, we have some ongoing talks with VCs for future investments.

Company info:
CODE FLOOD Wojciech Figat
Tax No.: 8212658576
Address: ul. Paszkiewicza 6/29, 02-781, Warsaw, Poland

Nice to meet you @mafiesto4! Good luck with the funding.

Here is my unsolicited feedback and thoughts as somebody looking to move our small team of 6 developers away from Unity.

Don’t let anybody convince you to substantially alter the revenue model. I would be happy to share any success we have with the engine team. We pay Unity a lot less than 4% of our gross profits and as a result they are distracted selling ad’s and services rather than focusing on the core technology.

Also, I would develop some internal games for the various App Stores to make it very clear that it’s possible. The games don’t have to be very original, but they should have all the features of a full game. The number one thing we will be looking for when evaluating our next engine is that other games have shipped, that they don’t crash on the target platforms. I’m sure you will learn a lot about your own engine in developing these games.

Building something as simple as Aim Lab would be a huge step forward. (Or perhaps some kind of retro game arcade to showcase the engine in different kinds of games)

We will be looking for more than just tech demos, we’ll be looking for examples where everything has come together in a shipping game.

Anyhow, I was excited to discover Flax earlier this week, I look forward to watching it evolve over the next year or so while we finish our current project.

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