Feature request for Editor transform values

I hope I’m posting this in the right place. Currently, when you click in one of the transform fields, the cursor is placed at the end of whatever number is there. I believe that it would be more intuitive if the number in the selected box became selected when the entry is clicked on. That way, you can directly enter the new value without having to double-click or backspace (to remove/modify the existing value).

Good idea! I added this to roadmap.

If you’ll permit, I’ll add another, related, request. To the far right of the transform scale values, UE4 has a lock symbol. Clicking it enables you to change any individual value and the other two are updated automatically. Unity, like Flax, does not have this feature. Most of the time (for me, anyway) I adjust the scale of all three at the same time and I find the UE4 feature easier to work with. Anyway, for your consideration.

Okay, good idea too!

@mafiesto4, Wanna bump this topic: Unchilded object takes he's local position vector to World Space
Not sure why this topic was ignored, maybe you don’t understand what i’m asking for… So i made video comparison with Unity: https://streamable.com/92wqyf

Also it would be cool to have features “Reset Position/Rotation/Scale” like in Unity.

Yeah you’re right, we should fix it.

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