📢Flax Engine First Official Community Game Jam!


On behalf of the amazing Jam Organizer team, I just want to announce the first ever Flax Engine Game Jam!!! The Jam will be hosted on the itch.io platform and run from January 5 12:00 Warsaw time to January 19 23:59 Warsaw time - that’s exactly 14.5 days.

The theme of this Jam will be: Backrooms

So make sure to gear up, ask a friend (or two, or any you like) to form a team and show community what you’ve got. Remember: the most important stuff is to have fun along the way!

Detailed of the Jam can be found here: Flax Engine Game Jam #1 - itch.io
Join Flax Discord server: Flax

Let’s get Flaxy! :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: