Flax Engine Update 1.0.6215

Flax Engine hotfix update is now available! Version 1.0.6215 brings many fixes for the bugs you’ve reported. During the last 3 weeks after the 1.0 release, we’ve got many contributions from the community and merged over 30 Pull Requests (for both engine and documentation).

Feel free to discuss the latest update here :slight_smile:

Contributors: jb-perrier, DaveTheGameDev, stefnotch, dragonCASTjosh, Galbi3000, bolognatic, klukule, VNNCC, jfaz1, seapulse
PRs merged: 34


  • Add support for Visual Studio Code Insiders
  • Add logging offset for Json parsing errors
  • Add IconsScale to editor interface options
  • Add additional check for twice plugin initialization in case of error
  • Add support for hexadecimal values in editor value fields
  • Add support for using unsigned integer input fields in Visject Surface editor
  • Add IgnoreMissingDocumentationWarnings option into generated csproj files
  • Add Generate collision data from Model context menu
  • Add returning focus to the previous control when closing a context menu
  • Add support for active logging of the process output on Windows
  • Remove TAA rendering implementation
  • Reimplement Motion Blur
  • Remove deprecated and unused OpenGL graphics backend
  • Change maximum window size to 4096
  • Update DirectXShaderCompiler to 1.6
  • Fix null character at shader sources at during game cooking
  • Fix using AssetRefEditor for editing asset reference on Guid property
  • Fix PlatformSettings typedef on Android
  • Fix PCF shadow uvs vector trunc warning
  • Fix Editor title bar on High DPI
  • Fix compiler errors with Vulkan 1.2
  • Fix crash on scripting reload when using Anim Graph with custom nodes
  • Fix context menu positioning for child menus when flipping the direction over Y axis
  • Fix editing overridden particle emitter parameter in particle system window
  • Fix editor viewport camera glitch on first frame when using camera orbiting
  • Fix flashing tooltips
  • Fix GamePlugin only used in PlayMode/Cooked game
  • Fix undo redo flags in play mode
  • Fix preserving Editor undo actions during play mode
  • Fix link to Github issues page
  • Fix build scenes toolstrip button enabled state
  • Fix inverted Y Gizmo Rotation
  • Fix Editor features usage enable when no scene is loaded
  • Fix crash when in ScriptingObject::ToString() when class is missing
  • Fix more dpi issues
  • Fix shortcuts (F5, F6, F11) in play mode in editor
  • Fix removing namespace from nodes in imported model files
  • Fix GPU timer query detected warning to be single-time
  • Fix speed change scrolling being wonky
  • Fix preventing loading ‘null’ style in Editor
  • Fix C# methods lookup for method signatures with output structure parameter passed as reference
  • Fix DockHintWindow drag offset if it was invalid when initializing on initial mouse click
  • Fix comparing String with StringView
  • Fix logging process output on Windows
  • Fix using unsigned integer properties in Visual Script editor
  • Fix Length node in Visual Script
  • Fix renaming files to same name with different case
  • Fix double extensions when user specifies one during asset creation
  • Fix wrong engine path with RegisterEngine script as admin
  • Fix error when running Flax dev scripts without Nuget installed (or in different location)

I wonder how much bytes did that remove in the binary size?

Not so much as OGL backend and OGL shader compiler (from HLSL shaders to GLSL) weren’t used in a build so we simply removed the old source files. Anyway, Vulkan is a way to go!