Flax Engine Update 1.0.6216

Flax Engine hotfix update is now available! Version 1.0.6216 contains lots of fixes plus some new features and improvements. Since the last update, many contributions from the community added 41 Pull Requests (for both engine and documentation) which is just great!

Feel free to discuss the latest update here :slight_smile:

Contributors: W2Wizard, jb-perrier, VNNCC, MinhCT, stefnotch, DaruBrub, intolerantape, TalkingWallnut, Evildea, Vizepi, GoaLitiuM
PRs merged: 41


  • Add using additional temporary temp param in scripting bindings glue code for array parameters using BytesContainer
  • Add Orientation to editor view menu
  • Add golden ratio constant
  • Add Github Actions usage for CI
  • Add executable flag for scripts
  • Add more splash screen quotes
  • Add Remap node to all graphs
  • Add contribution guidelines
  • Add Mesh::UpdateMesh methods similar to C# API
  • Add material node to mix Normal Maps
  • Add option to Invert Panning in editor viewport
  • Add Sphere Mask node to materials
  • Add docs about the clockwise order of the indices in mesh triangles
  • Add Battery information API
  • Add option to format Visject nodes
  • Add rotator node for materials
  • Add DDX/DDY nodes for materials
  • Add modern file dialog for browsing folders on Windows
  • Add inline for float16 compression and add code reference note
  • Add missing FLAXENGINE_API expose macro to engine math types
  • Add more utilities to Collisions Helper
  • Split VectorInt.h into separate files for Int2, Int3 and Int4
  • Improve Visject Surface connections dragging
  • Improve build times in development configuration
  • Improve Variant typename loading if length is zero
  • Fix BlurPanel crashes due to slider for BlurStrength
  • Fix Editor windows position (on startup) for multi screens
  • Fix missing public empty constructor for UICanvas
  • Fix typos
  • Fix error when opening Anim Graph with node name not existing in skeleton anymore
  • Fix plane model normals
  • Fix Visual Script invoke method node signature check for output params passed by reference
  • Fix Unsigned Integer value field to prevent negative values
  • Fix missing focus for SliderControl
  • Fix open file dialog on Windows
  • Fix Visject Node layout when adding boxes from code
  • Fix missing animated model parameter error
  • Fix to disable terrain and foliage buttons if no scene is present
  • Fix a ton of typos
  • Fix CTRL+W issue in play mode in game view in Editor
  • Fix tracking mouse offset on high DPI screens
  • Fix scene animation rendering issue with game window is not selected tab
  • Fix crash in motion blur tile size calculation
  • Fix plane model incorrect rotation in material preview
  • Fix assertion during engine shutdown after crash during rendering
  • Fix crash when using Byte, Int16 or UInt16 as VS parameters
  • Fix loading VariantType.Blob
  • Fix crash when creating Empty particle emitter
  • Fix exporting textures in format R10G10B10A2 and R11G11B10 on Windows
  • Fix foot offset in Character Controller
  • Fix viewport zooming issues
  • Fix crash when applying changes to prefab
  • Fix ResizeAuto in SurfaceNode to include custom controls
  • Fix Get Node Transform size and missing output signal box
  • Fix crash on Android if GPU doesn’t support linear sampling of the shadow map
  • Fix crash when resizing existing MaterialSlots collection for model
  • Fix padding in Editor info dialog
  • Fix error when animated model skeleton has duplicated node name
  • Fix crash when reloading scripts with opened custom json asset
  • Fix the crash when slope limit was set to 90 degrees (on Character Controller)
  • Fix fade distance node in materials

How do I tell which version I have? There is nothing to click on that tells me any information about the program.

Version is in the engine log, engine binaries have the proper version set and you can see it in Editor via the main menu option: Help -> Information about Flax.