Flax Engine Update 1.1.6218

Flax Engine hotfix update is now available! Version 1.1.6218 contains lots of fixes plus some new features and improvements. As usually after major updates we release hotfix updates. This time engine was pretty stable so we delayed this update to collect enough fixes.

Feel free to discuss the this update here :slight_smile:

Contributors: mafiesto4, stefnotch, jb-perrier, W2Wizard, GoaLitiuM, TaylerMauk
PRs merged: 15


  • Add overwrite prompt for SaveDialog on Windows
  • Add sweep and overlap physics queries for capsule shapes
  • Add more C++ docs and examples
  • Add improvements the random byte generation code
  • Add BoxBrush::SetMaterial
  • Add drag&drop support for Linux
  • Add UpDirection to Character Controller
  • Add automatic destination folder creation when saving Json asset
  • Add path utils to support StringView
  • Add error message box on Editor Options saving error
  • Add support for OnSerializing, OnSerialized, OnDeserializing and OnDeserialized callbacks for C# types serialization with Json
  • Add support for fixed-array fields in scripting
  • Optimize WriteStream::WriteText
  • Fix Win32 stack traces issue due to invalid search path for debug symbols
  • Fix diff serialization for C# lists
  • Fix deserialization of C# lists
  • Fix for UWP game build
  • Fix picking game binaries target when EditorTarget is not SetupTargetEnvironment
  • Fix using cross-module references inside C++ game project
  • Fix using references to projects outside the main project
  • Fix selecting spline points
  • Fix initial dock window size on high-dpi screen
  • Fix regression in adding model material slots
  • Fix Dropdown control
  • Fix duplicating spline
  • Fix AutoFocus saved in data for controls
  • Fix removing Gameplay Globals
  • Fix using AssetsCache in game code
  • Fix render layers mask usage for shadows rendering
  • Fix 3D audio placement for XAudio2 and OpenAL
  • Fix crash on relocation in BitArray
  • Fix using Sorting in C++ game code
  • Fix doc comments
  • Fix natvis for StringBuilder
  • Fix tooltips flicker
  • Fix tooltips to appear across multiple monitors making it hard to read them
  • Fix PrefabSpritesRenderer from script list
  • Fix using Camera refs
  • Fix ContainerControl.GetChildAt to iterate in reverse order to respect z order
  • Fix crash when using Actor GetScript or GetChild with invalid index
  • Fix compilation of bindings code with API_EVENT in some cases
  • Fix crash when using C# script that inherits from C++ script
  • Fix crash on bokeh in dof on d3d12 (NVidia driver issue regression)
  • Fix progress bar drawing precision and stability
  • Fix handling crash when loading scripting api bindings cache during build
  • Fix spline model geometry deformation precision issues
  • Fix DPI regression (use the overrideable RootWindow instead of _root)

Does the Flax engine auto update when a new hotfix is released?

Both hotfix updates and new versions are shown in Flax Launcher with * mark that highlights the new update to download.

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