Flax Engine Update 1.2.6223

Flax Engine hotfix update is now available! Version 1.2.6223 is a quick follow-up on recent issues reported by users after the last 1.2 update.

Contributors: mafiesto4, Erdroy, thallard, marynate, blep
PRs merged: 3


  • Add warnings when cooking collision with empty mesh data
  • Add CookingData for C# editor to extend the cooking process
  • Add build preset and target names to access for Game Cooker extending
  • Add option to change order of items in Content View
  • Add support for creating custom BoxVolume type in C#
  • Add creating Scene Graph nodes for actors inheriting from some shared custom types
  • Fix compiling C#-only game scripts without native platform tools installed
  • Fix editor crash on startup when Rider 2021.1 is installed
  • Fix CharacterController minimum size checks to prevent crashes if values are too small
  • Fix startup failure on older CPUs that don’t support invariant TSC
  • Fix potential runtime error from locale::global
  • Fix creating prefab in Editor from selection in Prefab window
  • Fix undo for missing actor children and scripts when doing Convert action
  • Fix crash when spawning C# object that inherits from abstract C++ class
  • Fix crash when cooking collision data for multi-mesh models
  • Fix missing mesh collider vertices transformation for navmesh building
  • Fix crash on startup when 2 Rider installations are detected
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