Flax Engine Update 1.2.6224

Flax Engine hotfix update is now available! Version 1.2.6224 is another hotfix update for 1.2. We continued fixing any issues you’ve reported.

Contributors: mafiesto4, Erdroy
PRs merged: 0


  • Add Engine.HasGameViewportFocus to C# API
  • Add SuspensionForceOffset to vehicle wheel config
  • Add check to prevent double-free from native event in C#
  • Add option to select scene asset from Scene tree window
  • Add option to Scene context menu to unload it
  • Add support for changing scenes via Editor during play mode
  • Add better timeline UI positioning for improved viewport navigation
  • Add helper tooltips for Scene Animation actions UI
  • Add Zoom value box to timeline view context menu
  • Add timeline view panning with right mouse button
  • Add options for vehicle wheel suspension configuration and state
  • Add digital steering option for a vehicle
  • Add vehicle telemetry logging debug option
  • Add wheeled vehicle tire options
  • Add -new command line arg to create a new project
  • Increase fog properties limits
  • Increase default maximum window width limit to 8k
  • Optimize ticking disabled vehicles
  • Refactor Tracy source locations to be static
  • Fix decal material normal vector blending
  • Fix issue with MapTrack for actors
  • Fix actor renaming on paste to keep previous name if can
  • Fix car wheel location by applying compression of the suspension spring
  • Fix WheeledVehicle driving and suspension raycasts
  • Fix suspension force offset location
  • Fix pasting actors if cannot spawn a object (eg. type missing) to still paste valid objects
  • Fix rare crashes due to selection not being empty on play mode start
  • Fix some memory leaks
  • Fix ENet driver crash
  • Fix invalid navmesh build for triggers
  • Fix invalid rigidbody center of mass location
  • Fix materials parameters display issues after editing
  • Fix context menu keyboard arrows navigation to skip disabled items
  • Fix UI with list of null items when layout gets rebuilt at item level
  • Fix some problems with LocalizedString serialization in C#
  • Fix timeline background stops drawing to be more readable
  • Fix snap to the ground to use scene graph query instead of physics only raycast
  • Fix window focus issue when removing actors