Flax Engine Update 1.5.6339

Flax Engine hotfix update is now available! Version 1.5.6339 is a quick follow-up on recent issues reported by users after the last 1.5 update.

Contributors: mafiesto4, GoaLitiuM, Tryibion

PRs merged: 4


  • Add FLAXENGINE_API to platform specific classes for C++ scripting usage
  • Add Ragdoll actor to toolbox
  • Add better C++ standard library version detection on Linux
  • Add LinuxFileSystem::ShowBrowseFolderDialog
  • Add BC4, BC5 and BC7 formats decompression support on non-Windows platforms
  • Add support for building Android app on Linux or Mac
  • Fix Tag natvis debugger print
  • Fix Level::FindActors with Tag
  • Fix using Vulkan SDK header from system when cross-compiling
  • Fix cursor not changing from IBeam to default when hovering over cancel button in SearchBox
  • Fix stability of Global Surface Atlas to smooth objects culling buffer capacity over time

I downloaded and extract and does not work until it opens but in content it seems nothing. I do not post create a new scene or create folders.

A version of version was normal for Android that was not doing build. In this verse it appears in the options but the error.