Flax got grown up for Unity's decision

My channel getting many views for people wanting to learn Flax engine these last few days. My same switch from Unity to Flax isn’t different too. Let me help more people to learn Flax and extend a community on here and on youtube tutorials :smiley:


Screenshot 2023-09-17 at 00-23-03 link at DuckDuckGo

?? please…

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Thanks! Flax definitely needs more tutorials.


I scheduled a tutorial 1 or 2 days ago. So stay tuned!


man, Link? (you did not get the joke xD)

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Here’s the playlist - Flax Tutorials
The next video in Friday, scheduled to. I gonna stay in Flax because Unity isn’t trustable. Even if they change pricing, I cannot relay a lot anymore. Flax is a new Flexible alternative with static risk-free pricing.
I am in loop a lot nowadays. Who knows, maybe I can change my mind again.
[ Also some people don’t believe my works, I don’t know why. But I am continuously productive. ]

Recently I am getting more views on Flax Engine topics ever. The pic shows last 48 hours got hundreds of views.
Here’s recent analytics today.

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thaks for the link, i think i’ll past for now… Flax is an incredible 1 guy project but i don’t think it can be trusted for production, at least not now, but it became more popular in these days (i already knew it tho)

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Yes, CEO definitely needs more people so that he can do more in a short time. Rendering is pretty good, but some UI behaviors, features and bugs actually really makes it non-production ready.
But I still am tracking Flax updates. And I definitely am making more tutorials. Because, certain things will create a turn Flax into something bigger.
I hope the dev takes right decisions.