FLAX is crashing when trying to import a FBX

Hello, I have a FBX (binary) with multiple objects (no animations) only geometries and materials and when I try to import with the merging objects fetures, it does work well and import it however if I want to import using the splitting objects, it does crash at import, any idea why? I can provide the fbx file if necessary…

It’s been reported here FBX crash on import with split. · Issue #1385 · FlaxEngine/FlaxEngine · GitHub and fixed here Fix crash when importing model with materials and `Split Objects` ena… · FlaxEngine/FlaxEngine@a56ce92 · GitHub (use daily master branch build or wait for 1.7 update)

Hello, I was posting this post in the wrong section so I am replying here :wink: now on 1.6, I can see a daily-branch version in the ADD ENGINE from the FLAX boot, however there is no ANDROID TARGET package in the selector (LINUX and WINDOWS), will this version still run to build ANDROID or I need to wait for 1.7 ?