Flax Platformer WIP (Possible tutorial)

Hello. Here are some screenshots to a platformer I’m working on.

It’s fairly simple. I took a look at the Flax TPS demo and implemented a fully re-written version of it. My version is less clean, but simpler to understand. My hope is to eventually turn this into a tutorial. Let me know if you’re interested!

  • Yes please!
  • Eh, I’d watch it
  • Nah, not interested
  • What’s a… platformer?

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I plan to have enemies, goals, menu screens, and more. Right now, I just finished polishing the feeling of my controller and am working on a basic level for testing.

How do you change the skybox to one colour

  1. Create a new material
  2. Set domain to Skybox
  3. Set culling mode to 2 side
  4. Turn off Depth Write
  5. Set material to unlit mode
  6. Create a new Color node and attach it to the Emissive slot
  7. Attach material to skybox