Genesys System/Framework Collaboration

Hi Flax it Up Members! Also a big thanks to Flax itself for continued development and giving us a great option for developing dreams.

I don’t want to make this post a huge technical doc but when asking for collaboration…teaming up…enough details need to be presented
so that it is not some 6mo idea that collapses because of something being, difficult, or the engine not ready. At this point Flax 1.5+ is ready in my opinion.

Sorry…no TLDR here. TLDR would in fact be a serious issue in something like this in any case.

The purpose of this collaboration is in two layers. Layer 1 is the System/Framework and Layer 2 is the actual Game. Layer 2 is fairly simple if Layer 1 is done correctly.
With Layer 1 built correctly it will adapt to a great many ideas that we can make our own fun stuff with. I know about the Arizona Framework but this system is decent but
incomplete in its structure to make an actual Layer 1 system. It has great ideas that can be expanded upon. I would like to build upon this idea but close the loop.

Layer 2 designs can be thought of as games or simulated 3D environments that can be moved around in with 3D Characters in simulated AI (think Bethesda’s Radiant AI as example)

I am going to do this in any case but having good people involved working together learning is in my opinion the best experience. Is this a challenge? Sure. Is it possible?
Abosuletly 100%. I have done it already and Flax Engine has almost everything needed now to see it to the end.

If interested in the below please PM me here. I can give you my email and have a chat in Skype or Discord (If there is interest I will make a new Discord for this). Basically
a place to chat and post screen clips and such. I really don’t want to clutter these forums with screen clips. This is much more suited for Discord.

This will be fun, frustrating, and a great experience. All experience levels are welcome too.