Get Excited for Flax 1.3!

Hello, Spectrix here!

Flax 1.3, the next update to Flax Engine, is approaching at a fast rate! This release adds some exciting new features whilst also adding quality of life bug-fixes and improvements. Here are some things to get excited for:

  • Ragdolls
  • Visual Studio 2022 Support
  • Visual Script Arrays
  • Shadowmap baking for static geometry
  • Full screen playmode on F11
  • Model splitting from FBX files
  • Multiple animation extraction from FBX file
  • Various C++ API and documentation improvements
  • Various C# API improvements
  • Better editor finesse with Windows Snap
  • Tab focus navigation
  • Snap to surface imporvements
  • Various animation imporvements
  • Various editor improvements
  • Various bugfixes

If you’d like to get a detailed look at this release and future plans for Flax Engine, check out the public roadmap.


Update: MacOS support is finally arriving! :tada: :tada: This will include not only the ability to build MacOS executables, but also includes porting the Flax Editor to MacOS! All Mac users out there can finally use Flax Engine!

Link to the MacOS Roadmap on the Flax Roadmap.