Just wanted to say Hello! waves and introduce myself. Im Warthos/Warthos3399, ill be releasing my latest game with Unity called Jurassic Extinction (https://forum.unity.com/threads/jurassic-extinction.718010/page-17, read latest pages), a 3D FPS Adventure (HDRP version also) very soon. But…

Ive had my eye on FE for a while, but the v1.0 release got me, and want to be on-board early. Big CONGRATS! and Thanks! is in order. Theres way too much i love about this engine to list, but heres a few:

  • Material Editor: My #1 favorite, robust, alot of control, solid.
  • Editor: Any UE4/Unity users will feel right at home, easy (default dark theme +1).
  • Scriping: C# AND C++ support, love it.
  • Post Effect Volumes: (Unity only has volume support with HDRP). Volume support is great, just attach a post effect on the camera, as a child.
  • Terrain: Insane features, (chunk streaming +1).
  • Sky: Skybox (panaramic/cube texture support), and SkyLight control.
  • Importing textures, models, and materials, is easy, and alot of control.
  • Documentation/API/Open Source: You have it all here…

FE truely is Unity and UE put together. Any user of either will feel right at home with the editor. An amazing engine… Ill be deving a project in FE on the side, as the engine matures. waves