Hints, Tips, Experience

When you import any texture into FE, it converts it to a .flax formatted file. So any other changes (re-import) requires the orig texture. So make sure to make a separate folder with all your orig textures, and never delete it.

The material Editor is your best friend. Learn how to use it, and its functionality, it can make or break everything. But, its the best visual shader/material editor out there.

Editor bugs/querks: some times youll run into a bug or querk in the editor, but please remember, FE likes to be saved alot in case of potential probs (hence the default saving options). So many times ive had a prob, saved, and re-booted FE…problem solved.

Water and Wind: There’s a youtube tutorial on creating a water shader, i followed it, and understand it and its functions. But the water created really wasnt done correctly, or adjusted to environments. So i created my own water shader that looks alot better, with the transparency adjusted to look like water you can actually see through (depth visual), and a far better color/hue. Wind? im lost a bit, as officially nothing yet. I have an idea of how, but dont know if its supported, looking into it (API, DOC’s, etc.).

Animation system is great, but for those who have .FBX’s that have the animations built in, youll need to use AutoDesk FBX Converter, to split the animations out for use, to import into FE animation system.

Models/Materials: one thing ive noticed by importing and setting up alot of assets is, what we call in Unity as Alpha Cutoff (meaning, what is referred to in FE as Mask/Opaque Cutoff), doesnt work for certain models/mats. Dont know the cause yet, material option/setting?, or compat with certain .FBX versions?, etc. Some models i drag and drop into scene, dont even show, even if i assign a material (that says version conflict).

This is a growing, solid base game engine, with features that many of us have always wanted. Please post any probs or things you run into, and with good feedback from us, id love to see FE be the 3rd contender… :slight_smile: