How does Terrain paint work?

I cannot remove layers by pressing the ctrl key. Also, for example, while I can repaint with layer1 a place I painted with layer2, I cannot repaint with layer1 a place I painted with layer4. In order to do this, I need to clean the region with layer 7, which I did not assign any texture, and then use layer1. This is so annoying. So I can’t assign texture to layer7. In addition while doing such a cleaning process, the corners of the layer become pixelated.

In short, I couldn’t understand how this thing works.

Are there two main layer/colormaps as 0->3 and 4->7?

Finally; Is it possible to use more than 8 texture?

Terrain supports up to 8 splatmap channels (2 splatmap textures, each with RGBA so 2x4 = 8 channels). It all depends the actual usage in the material since you can for instance have 9th layer if a surface has both Layer 0 and Layer 1,

However there is a known bug that painting over one splatmap won’t clear other splatmap (eg. painting over Layer 7 won’t clear Layer 0/1/2/3 channels) - will need to fix it.

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lol. I exported the splatmaps in SceneData/Scene/Terrain to be able to clean and repaint the splatmaps. After cleaning, I re-imported. I encountered a lot of errors. While I was trying to fix it, my island demo is completely broken. Now, It’s not completely broken, but now I need to recreate the terrain/level.

Alright. A new question: Can we make splatmaps larger than 512x512? For some reason some layers become very pixelated. It looks very bad.

Even if I choose a 2048x2048 external map while creating the terrain, they become 512x512 in “SceneData/Scene/Terrain” after they are imported. Sometimes they can be 1024X1024. I don’t understand how the editor decides.

I also want to make a suggestion. It would be great if we could easily access the splatmaps from Terrain properties in the editor, and export it when necessary. For example, I could use a blur effect in an external editor for the areas that become pixelated when the painting is finished. Then I could re-import it. Or I could delete the undeletable layers in the map to fix the interlayer problem caused by the bug. (For example, to be able to paint over layer6 with layer3)

Another suggestion: I noticed that when I delete a terrain from the project, its remains in the “SceneData/Scene/Terrain” folder are not deleted. They just take up space. I think it would be better if they were deleted automatically when the terrain is deleted. Because a small terrain contains 20MB files.

Thanks for reply btw.

Splatmaps resolution is related to actual terrain resolution so if you set it for higher vertex density, then splatmap will be larger.

Yeah tooling for terrain could be improved. I added your suggestions to the roadmap.

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Hello again. Thank you very much for adding my suggestions to the roadmap.

I have one more question. So how do I change the vertex density? with chunk size? If I choose chunk size 255, the splatmap is indeed created at 1024x1024 resolution for each chunk. But there is no option higher than 255. Is there no way to make 2048x2048?

You can scale the terrain :smiley: For example if you set terrain scale to 0.5 it will have 2x higher density of vertices per world unit.

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Oh i get it! Thanks!