How to compile a project to .aab format instead of .apk

Hi, I’m a bit in doubt, since flax already has support for android for some time, I wonder how to publish an android project to the playstore, since the playstore no longer supports the apk format, only aab, and I don’t see any configuration about it in the compilation for android device.
May you explain me about do it?

According to Build your app from the command line  |  Android Studio  |  Android Developers you could run:

./gradlew :base:bundleDebug

in the output folder via Gardle tool which is deployed with Apple project. I haven’t tested this yet but I’ll add a task to Flax 1.7 to build .aab package instead or side-by-side with .apk to make it possible for publishing.

Hello, is that task to build .aab implemented?

Not yet but it’s still on our roadmap to be done soon.