How to do split-screen for local multiplayer?

What is the best way to handle split screen rendering in Flax Engine? I know that we can render cameras to textures, and then probably set that to some sort of UI element, but I was wondering if there is a better way to do this, preferably one that can update the aspect ratio, render scale, etc. in real-time.

I would use two (or more) Image controls added to game viewport (eg. directly to RootControl.GameRoot) with Brush set to GPUTextureBrush that would use the render output of the camera for each player view. To render the scene to texture use sth like this tutorial: HOWTO: Render a camera to a texture | Flax Documentation. To optimize it you could disable the in-built main viewport rendering (see MainRenderTask.Instance).

Thanks. Seems like a very customizable method.